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Organize, Plan, Manage and Protect

Whether you are just starting out or are already living in retirement, we provide services for every stage of life and support for every transition along the way. We’re here to help you organize, plan, manage and protect your assets. As our client, you can expect frequent and attentive communication, a personalized plan, and assistance with organizing your financial life, including a customized organizer for all your financial documents. It’s never too early or too late to get your finances and plans in order. Contact us today to get started.

Retirement Planning

Put your money to work for you—let us help you turn your career savings into lifetime retirement income. The goal of retirement planning is for your nest egg to continue to grow, even while you are living off of it. We help you determine how much you’ll need in retirement in order for you to retire comfortably and confidently. Based on your goals, values, and our time-tested strategies, we develop a personalized plan and chart a timeline to help you get there. We’ll help you implement your plan and monitor and adjust along the way, making sure you stay on track through every change and every transition.

Wealth Management Services

Wealth management involves creating an investment portfolio that is diverse enough to help you reach your goals, while implementing a personalized plan appropriate to your needs, goals and risk tolerance. Through frequent communication and regular investment review meetings, we keep you informed as to your status and progress toward your goals. To help keep you on track, we monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed, mitigating risk and capitalizing on opportunities. Meanwhile, you’ll have access to a professional investment team to comprehensively support your needs and questions at every stage and in every transition.

Insurance and Specialty Planning

Discussing insurance needs can be uncomfortable, but having a plan and coverage in place in case of the unexpected or the unfortunate can make those moments in life a little less stressful. We provide complete risk and insurance evaluations and comprehensive reviews of current insurance coverage.

Our specialty planning spans from philanthropic solutions through the review and assessment of family goals and charitable values, to executive compensation reviews of stock options, grants, and more to determine cash flow and tax implications, as well as guidance for small business strategies which include tax planning, business purchase review and valuation.

Estate Planning

It can come as a surprise to some people that estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Having an estate plan in place can help ensure your wishes are carried out and can minimize the impact of taxes and fees on your legacy. We perform a thorough analysis of your current estate plan, offering appropriate solutions when needed. In a complimentary consultation with your estate planning attorney, we’ll discuss your estate planning needs and our customized recommendations. We also provide assistance in transferring assets to your living trust. In the unfortunate event of the death of a loved one, we provide the appropriate guidance through the necessary steps, helping make the transition as simple as possible.

About Powell Financial

We are an independent wealth management firm with nearly four decades of experience. We believe that every client deserves to have a team they can trust, comprehensive advice, and for their hard-earned money to work for them.

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You’ve worked hard for your money, so our passion is to build a financial portfolio that puts your career savings to work for you. We take an evolved approach to investing and protecting your capital.

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