Jennifer Powell

Client & Media Relations

High Net Worth Financial Solutions, NFL Player Association Registered Financial AdvisorJennifer Powell manages client relations and coordinates the media relations team at Powell Financial Partners.

TV Appearances, Interviews, PR, Media, Press, In The NewsJennifer lives in Austin, where she is expanding financial planning services to young families and Austin-Area business owners. Through education and interactive events, Jennifer supports and works with clients who desire a secure financial future and to build a legacy beyond themselves.

Combining her experience in journalism and counseling, Jennifer coordinates the media relations team at Powell Financial Partners. These efforts ensure clients and friends are getting timely financial information to help them make critical long-term decisions. 

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Jennifer's other passion is the NFL community, being a support to friends and clients pursuing their lifelong dream of playing professional football. With a combined eight years work experience in college sports, Jennifer uses her professional experiences and masters in counseling psychology to lead off-season development efforts with NFL clients. Jennifer finds great reward in helping players organize their finances, as well as ever-changing professional picture to help ensure their inevitable sport retirement is a success.

NFL Financial Advising, NFL Players Association, Registered Advisor, Austin, Texas, Football

Jennifer holds a BA in Journalism and a MS in Counseling Psychology.

Living in Austin, she is actively involved with Austin Stone Community Church, Polish Austin, and a supporter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.